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Professor of Psychology at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Edited a book of information taught by two materialized entities: 47 Billion Years of Evolution: A Case Report (subtitle: Physical and Spiritual Development of Humankind) authored by Martha J. Barham, RN, PhD. and edited by Elaine M. Heiby, Ph.D. Available on Amazon as e-book and paperback. Describes an integration of evolution and creationism theories. Describes creation of our galaxy 47 billion years ago, of life on Earth 47 million years ago, and the endowment of humans with a higher quantity and quality of consciousness 7 million years ago. Also am working with students on projects investigating attitudes toward spiritual and 'schizophrenic' labels of the same behavior, the spiritual experiences of ocean surfers, and how spiritual beliefs and experiences reduce death anxiety and enhances the quality of life of elders. I also have about 100 publications in mainstream psychology journals and books.

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  • Life after death May 18, 2013

    My realization that consciousness is an eternal non-physical energy came foremost from my intuition--psychic and spiritual experiences that felt right ...

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