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I am currently president and a founding member of SacIONS, the Sacramento Community Group of the Institute of Noetic Sciences. I am a retired telecommunications engineer, a writer of poetry and prose, a metaphysician, a teacher, and energy worker.

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  • Films for Meetings Mar 01, 2011

    "Earth2100", an ABC News film that uses 2009 science to look into the future.

    It's an idea that most ...

  • Films for Meetings Mar 01, 2011

    "The Buddha". A very engaging film about the Buddha and his message.

    Two and a half millennia ago, a new ...

  • Films for Meetings Mar 01, 2011

    "Healing Words-Poetry and Medicine". This film provides great fodder for discussion in any IONS community group:

    This documentary tells the ...

  • Films for Meetings Mar 01, 2011

    Try "Indigo". From the website (

    Starring: Neale Donald Walsch
    Written by : James Twyman ...

  • Films for Meetings Mar 01, 2011

    Highly recommend the documentary, "For the Next 7 Generations". Here is a quote from their website ( ...

  • Happy 80th Birthday Edgar Mitchell! Sep 16, 2010

    Happy Birthday, Edgar. This is my 18th year of being an IONS member and I thank you for following through ...

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