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Ph.D. in Ed. Pysch, UC Berkeley late 60's, thesis on the effects of deep relaxation and meditation on learning, lifelong journeyman into pretty much every major awareness expanding technique the human potential movement has had to offer since the late 60's, author of several books and self help audio tapes, most recent - 2 vol ebook 'Quantum You' and how to 'Grow Your Inner Wisdom to the Max'. Father of David Sereda, well known contributor on Coast to Coast. Highly interested in our possibility to build a bridge between the pure energy level of the 'Quantum Field'. And our potential to attune to this more 'Quantum Level' of 'At-One-Ment which we all have the possibility to experience within our most expanded state of awareness. And which most of us have actually had the good fortune to experience withing our most peaks moment of being whole being awake. Wherein we discover just how positively 'Brilliant' in every sense of the word, we have all been designed / evolved to be. Yes, our time has come to quit fooling around in reptilian either 'hyper fighter macho tough' or 'fleer avoider wimp depressive' mere adrenalin motivated brain', and start learning to operate our selves within the context of more choline and endorphine motivated, whole being levels of Consciousness. You can find out more about me on Youtube, by searching Quantum Attunement. I am also about to put up a new video up on You Tube which I am going to call 'Help Heal Our World'! Based on the elevation of the old biblical saying 'as above so below', into a new man/woman whole being masculine/feminine integrated paradigm, 'as within so without'. In other words whatsoever divided self negativity we keep holding within, so we shall keep on manifesting in the world without. Whereas whatsoever whole being positivity we keep realizing within, so we shall keep on manifesting in the world all around us. Which is to say, we are not likely to manifest the truly peaceful loving world we long for on the outside of us. Until such time as we discover how to find a truly peaceful / loving being inside of us. Incidentally I am on the steering committee for the Taos Noetic Sciences group. The national board would be proud of what we have been presenting lately, including the integration of an every one gets to share equally, every one's inner wisdom pulled in from the field - dialogue group. The basis for us being able to invent the next step, in true democracy.

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