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I am a 62 year old woman living in Southern California. Recently, I used the webcam on my pc to record myself while sleeping at my doctor's suggestion to see if I have sleep apnea. I was shocked when I reviewed the recording. I snore4d loudly throughout the night , but no sleep apnea. I was just getting ready to delete the recording as the morning alarm went off on the recording. Suddenly I heard a man's voice say "The clock won, she's up", then a creepy whispered but loud "why?" about 6 seconds later the man says "She's up." I was shocked terrified and felt violated. The mans voice was not scary, the whispered "why" was a little creepy, but mainly I was fearful because something I could not see was watching me as I slept and commenting on what I was doing. I should tell you that I live alone, there was no man present. I live on the second floor over a locked garage (mine). There are no adjoin apartments. My windows were closed and my bedroom door was closed and locked as is my custom. I put the recording on a voice memo and sent it to my friends. They all heard it quite distinctly. The voice is loud and clear and enunciated. I was so frightened I asked my ex-boyfriend to come over and stay with me. With him present each night I continued to record with the webcam. After about 3-4 days I got another EVP of a gravely not distinct voice of what sounded like an old woman. I had awakened about 2 am to go to the bathroom. When I returned to the bedroom my ex commented on my turning on the air conditioner. I said "It feels hot and stuffy in here, too much for me." Right after I say that the gravely voice says "She only went to the bathroom twice." Weird!!! I stopped recording after that for about three weeks. I contacted a friend who is Catholic and asked about blessing my house. He asked a priest for blessed salt, holy oil and water and gave them to me. I read a standard House Blessing and placed the sign of the cross over each window and door . I also blessed my self , cats and ex
: - ). As I said I stopped recording for a while. My ex who is not really open to spiritual stuff, ghosts etc. said "I felt like the house got lighter and it feels easier to breathe" after I performed the blessing.
A few days ago I began to record again. I was feeling pretty safe after the blessing and sent the ex back to his own apt. However, that morning about 20 minutes after he left, I was still stretching and griping aloud that I had to get up and go to work. My cat was on the bed and I said to him, "well I made it through to Friday." On the recording I can very clearly hear a mans voice say "What another workday?" He is loud and enunciates each word very clearly and has an accent I cannot place. It sounds so loud as if he is standing right by the computer. I was the only person in the room and heard nothing with my ears, only on the recording. Yesterday, before going to bed I turned the webcam on and asked, "What is your name?, why are you here?, Can I help you?. I reviewed that recording and can hear a mans voice say, "I'd like to help you." It appears that he is responding to what I am saying in real time. I just cannot hear it in real time. I am a little nervous hearing that he would like to help me. I have heard that demonic forces can mask themselves as human spirits and don't want to invite any of that. Any thoughts from anyone. I submitted my recording to a couple of well known (on TV) Paranormal organization and was told these were Class A EVP Recordings. Should I keep recording? Should I be afraid? And how do I protect myself from negative spirits?

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