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Raven Cohan
Certified Senior Instructor of UNIVERSAL /HEALINGTAO
Born 8/20/46
Raven was a professional actress, singer, and dancer who performed with a male partner for a total of twelve years, (from '68-'80), doing acrobatic-adagio dance in Radio City Music Hall, and other theatres, nightclubs, cruise ships and films, world-wide. Raven continued as a solo act that utilized her talent as a contortionist, and as a corporate event entertainer using skills in mime, clowning, other impersonations and psychic reading of palms until retiring in 1999.
Mantak Chia certified Raven to teach Chinese Meditation and Chi Kung in 1983 and in 2010 became a Senior Instructor. She holds certification in nine Healing/Universal Tao course levels. She continued extensive training with other teachers from that time until the present and has improved her health and zest for living tremendously.
Raven had her own Manhattan Cable TV show in 1982 called Ultimate Stretch. In 1991, Raven was chosen to be co-hostess on a cable T.V. show in Miami called New Age Vision. Raven has written many articles on topics of holistic healing, primarily about her studies in the Healing Tao. Raven in finishing up a book compiling those articles and more. She has been engaged as a speaker on those topics at learning institutions, organizations, community centers and corporate functions.
Raven continues teaching an average of eight Tai Chi-Chi Kung classes weekly, plus meditation workshops. She teaches Corporate groups during their Conventions. She now has written and sings 11 songs about the Self Healing Journey. The CD is called, "Jazz-UP CHI, Songs to Inspire and Tickle Ya !" She performs the songs interspersed with Qigong (Chi-Kung) instruction to corporate and private groups. She has performed as an Edu-tainment Special Interest lecturer, on several Cruise Lines during ’05,’06 & ’07 ‘08. She lectures, plays or sings her songs live, and does some simple, fun exercises with the general public. She is happily married to Gene.

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