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Mark Roberts is in his third career as a regional community activist entrepreneur where he runs The TSETSE Gallery Inc., a community building non-profit. TSETSE uses the arts to reach people in ways that connect with their hearts rather than their minds. This is especially effective with children with various special needs. Galleries are located in New London and Providence, and expanding. He also runs Green Neighborhood Centers Inc., a non-profit that creates independent neighborhood centers.

In addition, Mark owns 1st Venture Partners LLC, a company doing franchise consulting and general business startups. He is also an owner of Smart Trips Inc., an educational travel company active in New England, particularly with Elderhostel.

Mark's first career was as a Theoretical Physicist in New Mexico working on nuclear blast energy equations, and other highly classified missile and weapons projects. He then went back to school for an MBA and became a computer company executive running Advanced Systems Engineering, various business profit groups, North American Operations, and Corporate Marketing.

Mark is an avid kayaker and environmentalist, and is President of RICKA (RI Canoe & Kayak Association) with over 1000 members (300 in southeastern CT). He also runs several discussion groups centered on science and mental abilities (consciousness) in conjunction with the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

Mark is also a sailor and boater (with a 48' Chris Craft), Master Scuba Diver, Hang Glider Pilot, and licensed race car driver (raced Ferraris). He has retired from racing and flying having broken his back twice (slow learner).

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