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So... a bio? Hmmm.. what led me here? Well it was the pages of a book that specifically led me to this site, but... had I not had a recognition of activities / behaviors / occurrences / experiences I've had which fall neatly into the concepts of this domain, I wouldn't have made the connection and stayed.

Inadvertently I started a quest in the early 80's. While in college I had one of those paradigm changing experiences. My friend Dana and I were exploring the "do you see the world the way I see it" kind of topic and eventually pursued the "telepathy 101" task of passing/sharing mental images, with stunning success.

This was the catalyst that started me down a path less traveled by (?). I would not have had this experience without Aldous Huxley's Doors of Perception, or, the books by Carlos Casteneda, or the Electric Koolaid Acid Test... or the many other influences that were prepping me.

Just last night, roughly the time he was dialing, I thought of the person who was calling, and although I was expecting a call from him, it was the act of thinking of him and immediately receiving the call that I experience on a regular basis. And after hanging up, I asked myself this question... How is it I can do this?

Not that it really matters... I just reflect on it.

There is one question I've been grappling with for quite a few years now... It has to do with Knowing vs Creating. But that's a topic for another day...


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