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Michèle Young is enthusiastic about inspiring authentic, sustainable relationships...with oneself, in community, and with our Planet. She is part of a web of facilitators fostering conversations that encourage hope and lead to transformative action within and without. Current areas of focus include multi-dimensional wellbeing, education revamp, integrative healing options, restorative justice, eco-preneurship and living on joyful purpose. Curiosity fuels her quest for whatever works—be it concepts, products, or collaborations. Degrees in psychology, theatre and an MBA, sparked explorations to connect with a diversity of cultures in 33 countries on five continents…so far. A passionate human being, she utilizes a variety of tools, techniques and experiential exercises acquired along the way to illuminate the possibilities. Career paths included Flamenco Dance, USF COE, NASA, MOSI, Patel Conservatory for the Performing Arts, and Federal Prison.

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