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I hold only a humble BSc degree from the University of NSW in Australia. I worked as an analytical chemist with the commercial arm of the University together with others. I worked in geology for a time and started a PhD but never got far because of full time work commitments.
My main focus in life has been and is spiritual attainment and I have had several experiences with the most significant enlightenment/ mystical experience in the dawn of 1994.
I am currently working as a human rights activist to expose the methods of toxic/ evil people and there by render them powerless. As a result a war is being waged against me. However despite their efforts all that is happening is that I am becoming more and more knowledgeable about the methods used.
I have discovered that when one knows what is being done one can become well again solely with the use of what I call "mental prescriptions". There are self created and self administered and have a solid foundation in the mind when the truth is known. They make use of ideas and by ideas alone one can bring about changes in the body as to modify body organ functions and structures. And one can also do this for any of their chargers, such as children, pets and adults under their care. I have started a blog at to explain my findings.
And now I have started another blog, which is more personal at

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