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Kriste Brushaber CPT is the founder of Homeostasis Movement™: adaptable, noetic movement coaching for a healthy, purposeful, evolutionary life.

Multidisciplinary Movement Coach for Rehabilitation, Occupation & Fitness, PMA Certified & Master Pilates Teacher, Gyrotonic® Certified Teacher

Kriste Brushaber is an experienced & intuitive movement teacher dedicated to elevate human health potential through noetic movement education relevant to life purpose. Having the fortune of collaborating with forward-thinking wellness professionals combined with a variety of challenging clientele primarily in a rehabilitation and holistic health setting, she has dedicated the past decade distilling the most essential information into a progressive program relevant and adaptable for all.  Kriste utilizes concepts from awareness-based, dynamic movement methodologies such as Pilates, GYROTONIC®, Feldenkrais™, the Franklin Method™ and more as tools of learning and practice.  As a master teacher of Pilates, she has mentored rehabilitation and fitness professionals focusing on integration and adaptation of the method for ever-evolving human challenges. 

Most importantly, Kriste believes in the integral power of the bodymind, spirit, heart and soul; creating better habits, beliefs and intentions; and harnessing the inherent ability humans have to heal themselves and thrive thereafter.  She is dedicated to continue seeking new information as science, therapy and holistic health evolves in the age of quantum physics, epigenetics, and integral evolutionary life purpose.

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