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Imre von Soos, architect, civil engineer, research scientist, philosopher and writer is a Hungarian-Australian national, universal citizen. His anti-communist underground activities have forced him to escape from Hungary on the end of 1948 to Austria, and he lived and worked since in Australia, France, Germany, Austria, England, Switzerland, Brazil, the Czech Republic and now again in Austria. His works extend from minor and major architectural works to industrial and off-shore structures and hydroelectric power complexes. He mixed flying, skiing, skin-diving and the fine arts with theoretical and research studies in Nuclear- to Astro-physics, Cosmology, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, Psychology, Sociology, Ecology, Philosophy, Metaphysics and Mysticism, the wide-spectrum result of which came to expression in his books, as in his organic architectural and engineering works, all reflecting spirituality, integrity and vision.
As a professor he lectured on holistic philosophy and science, hydro-electric and alternative energy schemes and production, architectural and engineering project-design and environmental protection at the University of Campinas and, from there, at various other Brazilian Universities and Symposia, where he also participated in research projects on Mind-Brain Interaction, Consciousness, Extra Sensory Perception, Out of the Body Experiences, Past Life Therapy, and Alternative Medicine; and worked on the education of children with exceptionally high intelligence.
He wrote seven books: Living Universe; Psycho-Physical Reality; Nascetur Homo Planetaris; Against the Current; and Science, Religion, Education and a lot of Bull; in the English language; Patak Regénye, in the Hungarian language; and O Novo Homem, in the Portuguese language. He also wrote many articles on architectural, engineering, scientific, philosophical and social subjects in the English, German, French and Portuguese languages.
Pioneer, rebel, iconoclast and innovator, in plain opposition to both the religious-fundamentalist and the nihilist-materialist Zeitgeist, both intending to dominate the sciences, the philosophical thoughts and life in general. He fought and fights within and outside his professions for creativity and competence in every manifestation of Life, for the lifetime education up to the utmost capacity and towards the autonomous thinking of each, for cultured spirituality as against indoctrinated belief-systems, for the integral freedom of the individual, and against the current of mass-thinking, mass-movements, dogmatism, equalization, collectivism, globalization and the intentional dwarfing of culture, intellect and imagination.

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