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In 1984, I was struck by lightning of a sort. Somehow the idea that God strikes people with external lightning when God disapproves of them did not work out for me. Instead, God struck me with internal lightning when He/She/It drafted me into divine service. I believe it was God's way of saying, "OK, you'll do for My purposes." I also believe that God understands me to have volunteered even though I feel like I was drafted. The only way I can reconcile these two positions is to conclude that I volunteered inadvertently when I fell off the edge of my known world into the unknown world I'd tried so studiously to avoid by being a conformist. I strayed from conformity and came heart to heart with God.

Translation: While doing my best to fit into my society, I followed my heart's desire to be a helpful person into a career in the law. In that career, I became especially interested in interpersonal issues such as domestic violence, family conflicts, juvenile and criminal justice, etc. I wanted to know why people do what they do to cause society's legal authority to interfere with their freedom. While trying to understand what the law mean's by "best interests of the children," I investigated many facets of human development, discovered trails of spiritual bread crumbs and followed them into the woods. While in the woods, I confronted my personal fears, sought shelter under the Tree of Life during an early stormy phase, was struck by lightning when it leapt from the Tree of Life and eventually emerged from the woods with Divine Love's Presence activated powerfully as my radiant guide, aid and comfort.

Post-legal-career, I am continuing my investigation of why people do what they do while I also offer the results of my on-going investigation through a consulting firm I recently created and rolled out. I've called my consulting firm Synergywise Life. The purpose of my firm is to assist eternally optimistic idealists to design customized, faith-based lifestyles that they experience as most rewarding. I am using tools I discovered in my journey into and out of the woods.

These tools include:

1) Wholeness Archetype that reveals the common dimensions of every human life and I-Zones that make disciplined, personal self-examination more effective and efficient in nurturing our most joyfully blossoming individuality patterned on this archetype,

2) Healthy Emotions Map that aids in welcoming, understanding and expressing our hearts as we recover from ego's universal plague of denial of our emotions and rediscover the compassionate heart of the Divine within us, and

3) Mutual Appreciation Paradigm by which to establish relationships based on mutual trust, appreciation and cooperation to replace relationships based on mutual mistrust, judgment and competition.

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I also teach the ABCs of Love wherein love's alphabet begins with Authenticity, runs through Bonding, Cooperation, Determination, Excellence and other early alphabet concepts and arrives at Xenophilia, Yearning and Zeal. The ABCs of Love summarize the basics of human life when we are free to be true to ourselves and therefore false to no one. Beyond the ABCs basics, love rises in a neverending spiral like an eagle with wings outstretched rising on the updrafts of a column of warm air.

I am enjoying my mastery of the arts of living, loving and learning while still gaining mastery in the arts of laughter and liberty. I am content to master the 5 Ls as my G.O.A.L. - God's Own Authentic Life - expressing as and through me. My ego sometimes still chafes at sharing my life with the Artist in Residence but I think learning to laugh more will liberate me from that occasional raw nerve. Being a 5-L master is my way of being the change in the world I want to see.

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