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I was brought up amidst the wonders and promises of what our technology would be able to accomplish in our lifetime, and my family members nourished my interest in the sciences, biology and entomology being my two main realms of interest from what I can remember.

I grew up in the wonderful hippie town of Mendocino, where a lot of parents and community figureheads truly valued their children. Our curriculum was modeled under the philosophy "our students are candles to be lit, NOT vessels to be filled." I owe much of my positive development to those individuals who gave us such a beneficent learning atmosphere, and so I always wish to advocate for their inspiring approach to education.

My mother began to introduce me to her little library of occult literature as I began into my teens. Leadbeater quickly became my favorite author, and as I grew older I began soaking up that knowledge like a sponge. I relished the ability of that particular occult framework to account for wide ranges of human experience and world occurrences within a single, satisfying context. Unfortunately at about this same time I encountered more and more closed minded "scientists," and as I pursued the ideal of thoroughly analytical cognition, I became increasingly annoyed at the level of groupthink and the lack of critical analysis many people in the public sciences displayed..

Once I moved up to Arcata I encountered a lot of psychic individuals, and a few became very close friends of mine. Some of them very much enjoyed the openness of my approach, and my attempt to weave together the strands of contemporary physics and modern occult knowledge in the process of theorizing just how they were doing what they did. I also learned more of shamanism, chiefly through my mother and through a very exceptional biology major.

I came to sympathize with many of my fellows who were living the double life, as they encountered things and did things that they never told anyone about. I think many abuses of power and feelings of disenfranchisement came about because people felt separate and independent of the larger community, a community which did not believe they existed (and sometimes did not WANT to believe).

So for over a year now I have been continuously expanding the range of visual stimuli which my optic components can conduct and which my brain can process. I can now see so many things that would have seemed beyond my reach a year ago, and after conversing with many artists and other individuals it would seem as if this process of physiological adaption occurs to varying extents as a natural response to the cognitive or sensory demands in one's life. Maybe one day I can help someone demonstrate this fact in a laboratory setting.

Hopefully one day soon the public community will be privy to, and not so afraid of, people with abilities outside of the normal range. In the meantime, we should create forms of social support for those individuals who are living with such secrets, something especially important for those who never had a choice in this way of life.

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