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I am a life long learner. I am a creative spirit for the integration of the arts, science, business, the environment and spirituality. I have designed and applied using an eclectic array of mediums for a learning environment that enhances creativity and is imbued with spiritual essence.
I apply research and methods based on ecological and human values that create healthy and sustainable businesses, communities and workplaces within ethical, aesthetic, environmental, social and economic imperatives.
I am an exceptional designer of work and conversational space, in corporate, conference, community and eco-spiritual environments. My collaborative design of the space creates a felt prescence that evokes learning from multiple intelligences thereby allowing creative ideas and new energies for partnership and co-operation to emerge.
I have inspired people both in-house and at numerous conferences and festivals and conversation circles in countries including Slovenia, South Africa, Singapore, Borneo, India and Australia. My work has been appreciated by varied sectors of the workforce including mining engineers, women in business, lawyers, accountants, medical and health practitioners, the aged care industry, primary industries, the retail industry and more.
Through the integration of business, science, arts, spirituality and the natural environment I enable people to experience and open to more of their potential both individually and collectively. The felt presence that is created stays with people and evokes an ongoing curiosity and inquiry for more deep learning. Difficult conversations with tensions from multiple viewpoints are able to be held respectfully and new thoughts and behaviours emerge that are congruent within an ecological, living systems view of our world. I help uncover beliefs that have created ineffective behaviours, practices and structures that inhibit our growth based on mechanistic theory. I help discover beliefs and behaviours based on an intention to learn to be integrated emotionally, cognitively and spiritually based on living systems theory.
I have worked across the broad area of human learning and development, with major corporations such as Bridgestone, BHP Billiton, the Australian Taxation Office and Primary Industries. I bring design principles to businesses and communities that enhance creativity, collaboration, autonomy and leadership from a freedom within limits approach, well-being, family friendly work practices and corporate citizenship.
[M.A Social Ecology (Hons), B. Bus. (HRD), Grad. Dip Learning, Dip. Ed, Cert. in Holistic Ed., Cert. NLP, Cert., Coaching.)]

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