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About Donald and Cheryl Lynne Rubbo

Leaders in Mind-Body Medicine, Bio-Energy healers, authors, visionary mystics, Masters of Martial, Internal, Healing and Meditation Arts. YinYang manifest: two halves of one whole. We will make the greatest positive impact on the health of our world, for generations to come.

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Paul D. Pickens II Research Foundation
The mission of Paul D. Pickens II Research Foundation is to improve health and elevate consciousness worldwide by raising awareness of the profound health benefits of ancient healing systems, by advancing self-directed healing systems through educational materials and instruction. PDP II encourages the integration of wisdom, compassion and spirituality into daily living.

Rubbo Art of Energy. Rubbo Art of Energy is based on the essence of martial, healing and meditation arts. It is a creative process of cultivating, controlling and expressing your energy for self defense, healing and power.


Extraordinary Breath, Making the Power of Deep Breathing Work for You. 2007. An Extraordinary Breath is when our intention and our breath are one; with every long, deep and even breath we consciously balance mind, body and spirit. Xlibris.

Extraordinary Breath, short version, free digital eBook. 2008. Translated into several languages, this eBook is made available for free to the entire world on

Primordial Qigong, digital eBook. 2009. The Primordial Qigong eBook gives a detailed description of how to incorporate within oneself all the components that encompass the primary aspects of Taoist philosophy and cosmology: yin/yang concept, the trinity of heaven, earth and man, the Five Element theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the I Ching, the Bagua and the mystical aspects of numbers.

Founders, The World Takes a Breath Day, October 10, 2010
To raise awareness of healthy, mindful deep breathing, and to create the potential for peace, harmony, understanding, compassion and greater health worldwide, we ask that for ten minutes in every time zone, everyone in the world take Extraordinary Breaths, with the intention of uplifting humanity. Annual event.

Founders, Cooking with Chi! Mindful cooking, bringing love, life and healing energy back into our food.

Founders, Rubbo ART of Energy, Expressions of Chi. Digital Artwork.

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