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I am someone who believes that humans have much more potential, knowledge and powers than most of us are aware of. We are part of something so much bigger than ourselves, than just this planet we inhabit. It makes no sense that we should be just a rock floating around somewhere in the Universe with life forms on it. Rather, I believe we are, each of us, and all of us, part of the Universe itself, all connected, all one. I believe we're suffering because there is a lack of consciousness of this connection in the human race, while there is the illusion of being separate from each other. But I also believe the Earth is meant to be a safe and healthy home for all of us, if we learn how to use the gifts we have been given, and respect ourselves, each other and the environment we live in. For the longest time, this world has been suffering and diseased, in need of care, love and understanding. No being or life form can truly thrive and evolve in a climate of danger, fear, hatred and deprivation, where for so many, every day is about survival and nothing else. For a species who has made such amazing technological discoveries and advances, it should be unacceptable that spiritually, we are still so undeveloped, that we allow our world to be destroyed by greed and selfishness. I grew up with the idea
that there has to be more to the human race, so much more than what we have seen so far...but how do we tap into this potential, how do we awaken the consciousness needed to develop our powers? Looking for the answers may just be as rewarding and exciting as finding them, and hopefully, more and more of us will make a start. Every long journey begins with the first step.

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