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Swami Beyondananda One Minute Shift | The Upwising Begins

Visionary: Steve "Swami Beyondananda" Bhaerman

In this entertaining one-minute animation, you'll learn from an enlightening Master how to regrow the garden of our planet from the grassroots up.


Video Credits:

  • Producer at Halon Entertainment: Donna Pedraza
  • Producer: Jose Vergelin / Ad Infinitum Films
  • Supervising Producer: Angela Murphy
  • Writer & Swami voice: Steve Bhaerman
  • Project Director & Video Animation: Mike Moloney
  • Sound Engineer and voice of Doctor: Blair Hardman
  • Executive Producer: Stephen Dinan
  • Special thanks to: Brad Burkhart
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You have a bad case of Viral Retro Humans…

This is beyond me. But not, beyond Swami Beyondananda!

Retro humans eh?

A disease spread by unconscious unconsciousness.

We’re heating up the planet! Beating each other up in the name of God! And over-feeding!

No wonder Mother Earth is getting fed up!

Heating, beating and feeding?

It’s time for en-lightning to strike!

The retro-human virus cannot live in the awakened mind.

We need Treating. Greeting. And Seeding!

We are her to re-grow the garden from the grassroots up. And have a heaven of a time doing it!

Hey! Shift Happens, but each of us has to make the upshift. So, come shift with us! Wake up and Wise Up! And join the Upwising!

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Publication Date:
June 15, 2010
Institute of Noetic Sciences
animation, earth, human, swami
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