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"Taboos in Science and Spirituality" with Dean Radin (part 2 of 4)

Visionary: Dean Radin, PhD

In this segment Dean identifies three types of taboos in science: transitory, stubborn and double secret super taboos. The transitory taboos include stem cell research from human embryos, human cloning and human waste disposal research (or the “poo taboo”). Another taboo is that it is virtually impossible to question the causal relationship between HIV and AIDS. The reason he calls these transitory taboos is because these are controversies that won’t last forever. At one time invetro fertilization, organ transplants and vaccinations were considered extremely controversial. Earlier, the use of limes to prevent scurvy and the practice of washing hands before assisting in child birth were considered laughable by some and were ridiculed by most, thus making them taboo at the time.

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"Taboos in Science and Spirituality" with Dean Radin

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religion, science, taboo
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