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"Taboos in Science and Spirituality" with Dean Radin (part 4 of 4)

Visionary: Dean Radin, PhD

The double secret super taboos, otherwise known as “woo-woo taboos” include anything in the realm of psychic phenomena. It is generally believed in the scientific community that spirituality has nothing to offer science. However, some of the iconic figures of science: Thomas Edison, Isaac Newton and Madame Curie, were all actively interested in “non-scientific” endeavors such as alchemy and contacting the dead. In this segment Dean ponders the fact that there is currently no technology that can detect the presence or absence of any kind of consciousness, however the first person accounts observed and written about over 1000 years ago describe some states of consciousness that are now being proven in psi labs.

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"Taboos in Science and Spirituality" with Dean Radin

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religion, science, taboo
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