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"Shifting Paradigms" Teleseminar Series Audio Set

"Whole Systems Transformation from Inside Out" with Monica Sharma

"Shifting Paradigms" Teleseminar Series

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"Whole Systems Transformation from Inside Out" with Monica Sharma

Visionary: Monica Sharma, MD

Transformation on an individual basis is challenging enough, but what does it take to effect transformation on a large scale?  Does collective change happen from the upper levels of society down, or from down, up?  For Dr. Monica Sharma, collective change happens from inside out.  Dr. Sharma has been working internationally with groups from all levels of society, and shares with us her wisdom gleaned over the years.  She discusses “whole systems transformation” and the cutting-edge transformational approaches she uses to facilitate large scale transformation.  Her approach involves people examining their deepest beliefs and values and exploring the differences between socially determined norms versus deep human values that lie in our inner space of spiritual wisdom.  She describes how people who have touched their inner core find meaning and purpose, which allows them the energy and impetus to effect societal transformation.

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"Shifting Paradigms" Teleseminar Series

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