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The Noetic Science behind "The Lost Symbol" Audio Set

The Noetic Science behind "The Lost Symbol"

The Noetic Science behind "The Lost Symbol"

Responding to the surge of interest in noetic research inspired by Dan Brown’s book, the Institute of Noetic Sciences hosted a 15-week teleseminar series exploring the noetic sciences mentioned in The Lost Symbol.

This series, launched in October 2009, was created from carefully selected material from IONS’ vast archives that addressed specific research topics Dan Brown identifies in the book. Each segment begins and ends with then IONS President Marilyn Mandala Schlitz presenting insights into the research that she and other IONS scientists have conducted, helping to separate fact from fiction about experiments mentioned in the book. Dr. Schlitz also poses questions to help people more deeply understand the noetic sciences in The Lost Symbol.

You can listen to a complimentary mp3 of the first audio piece in this series, in addition to one of the other teleseminars, below.

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