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"Mysteries of Consciousness" Teleseminar Series Audio Set

"Consciousness and Well Being" with Deepak Chopra

"Mysteries of Consciousness" Teleseminar Series

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"Consciousness and Well Being" with Deepak Chopra

Visionary: Deepak Chopra, MD

Our current medical model treats the human body as if it’s a machine. However, we are finding that the body is not a structure, but a process; an energy field; an information field; and a consciousness field. Our bodies, to a large extent, are created by our consciousness, our souls. The soul is the timeless part of us that was never born and will never die. It is the managing intelligence that creates our body, and in a very literal way. In fact, according to Deepak Chopra, you are not in your body; your body is in you.

You can change your body through changes in consciousness because, despite its physical appearance, your body is the product of consciousness to begin with. There is no difference between a thought and a molecule in the brain. Each intention sends signals to every cell in the body, causing the cell to change. Therefore, the most natural way to achieve change is through the power of intention. Join Deepak as he describes his study of neuroplasticity, genes as quantum computers  and how 500 genes in the body can be turned off or on just by changing your consciousness.

Click here to read Deepak's AMA-published article, "Medicine’s Great Divide—The View from the Alternative Side."

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"Mysteries of Consciousness" Teleseminar Series

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