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"Mysteries of Consciousness" Teleseminar Series Audio Set

"Neurotheology" with Andrew Newberg

"Mysteries of Consciousness" Teleseminar Series

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"Neurotheology" with Andrew Newberg

Visionary: Andrew Newberg

This teleseminar reviews Dr. Newberg's most recent work on the Principles of Neurotheology where he outlines the major principles that are the foundation for future neurotheological research. The principles pertain to how science and religion must interact to successfully form this new field of study. The principles also consider how science itself is performed and the capabilities and limitations of science. A variety of theological and religious ideas will also be engaged. Can neurotheology provide a new understanding of the human mind, the human brain, and human consciousness? How can we become better thinkers? How might neurotheology address important moral or theological questions? The principles described will be critical to the scientist, religious or spiritual person, and the general public as this highly important topic, neurotheology, is engaged.

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"Mysteries of Consciousness" Teleseminar Series

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