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"The Intention Downloads" Interview Series Audio Set

Intention Downloads Interview: Sequoyah Trueblood

"The Intention Downloads" Interview Series

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Intention Downloads Interview: Sequoyah Trueblood

Visionary: Sequoyah Trueblood

The release of intention and the intellect is the message from Sequoyah Trueblood of the Choctaw Nation, in this enlightening interview with IONS’ President, James O’Dea. Sequoyah's epiphany came while imprisoned, when he shifted to acceptance, stillness and gratitude for every moment. A former teacher of Silva Mind Control, Sequoyah now believes that the "intellect is the playground in the face of darkness." The intellect can only afford us 1/100th of what we need in life. The silent setting of an intention to allow the Divine to flow through every thought word and action will guide us to be the "mystery in motion," at which point we can set aside our goals and desires.

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James O’Dea: This is a conversation with Sequoyah Trueblood, an extraordinary Native Elder who currently lives in Kahnawake, a Mohawk Reservation in Canada but someone who really works in many parts of the world and who is a very close friend of John Mack, and on the board for the Center for Psychology and Social Change at Harvard. Without further ado, I am going to sort of engage here with Sequoyah, and Sequoyah it is just such an honor and privilege to be with you, and I am so excited that listeners will get a chance to hear your wisdom. So the question that we are looking at and exploring is around the power of Intention, and I think you will probably have a very singular and distinct opinion about this. So what is your own personal experience, let’s begin there, with this notion of Intention?

Sequoyah Trueblood: Well, I have no opinion about it, I have experience with it. And you know at one time in my life, I taught goal setting, planning, which is just a form of intentionality. And you know that I am aware fully, and I taught the Silva Mind Control at one time and intentionality was the cornerstone of that way of meditation.

JO: So, can you explain that to people that reference, as some will know that reference and others won’t.

ST: Well, Silva Mind Control, right. José Silva was a man from Mexico who had a worldwide organization formed around him and his teachings. And it was basically about going into a meditation and really focusing on intentions and bringing them into full life. So it certainly works that way, because every thought, word and actions that we have alters the molecular structure of creation. Though, these days, I don’t employ intentionality any more. Intentionality is an intellectual concept and the intellect, I am well aware now in my own life, that the Intellect can only afford us less than 1/100th of a percent of the information that we are seeking and we have been taught and programmed to use it in a way and we can bring things into our life and can we do that, yes. So in setting aside intentionality, you set the intellect aside and you then in silence, and to me Silence is the only prayer, the most powerful prayer, in silence we are able to access the other 99.99% of the information, and we don’t have to set an intention out, we clear our minds and we allow the information coming from the Divine to flow through us and touch all around us. You know, there is that saying in the Far East that when a Master walks through the village, the village is healed. That simply means that the one walking through the village has no judgment whatsoever about anything and is clear of the intellect so that Spirit flows unencumbered.

JO: How did you; Was there something in your life that shifted you from an extraordinary capacity around intentionally to reaching these places of silence where as you say you were really feeling the intention of the Universe itself speak through you? Tell us a little on how did you come to that place.

ST: Well, let me see. [laughs] What a journey! It had to do with being born on a little farm in Oklahoma and growing up on the land and seeing that the land could take care of everything for us, all the food was there, all the medicines were there. We never had to have an intention about anything. Everything was supplied directly by Creator and then being put in a residential school for 6 years and then being in a place that Carlos Castaneda had said “when you have had a complete dictator in your life it is one of the most beautiful gifts that you can have.” And so I experienced that, where I had no control over any of my actions whatsoever, and I am still alive. I went from there into the military, into Vietnam, running reconnaissance missions in those jungles and it was there that I had an epiphany. Just like Edgar Mitchell had his out in space, I had mine in the space of the jungles. When I came into touch with that Divine loving, gentle, kind, compassionate Creator and it was in there in that kind of a situation that my mind began shifting and that I saw clearly that the control that I was exercising through my intentions was not moving me as far as my expectations, you know, would dictate. It was right there that I started moving away from employing intentionality, then from there I moved back into the Native traditional ways and in those ways, when you are fully living in those ways, intentionality is not even a consideration of that you are doing.

JO: Well how do you know if it is a deeper intention of the Universe that you are following?

ST: Well you are just aware of it and with these meager words that we have been given from the intellect, it is just impossible to explain some of these relationships but it is an awareness that you have and it is an awareness that when I stop the intellect and I listen, my life turns out beautifully. When I am employing intentions in my life, maybe they will happen, maybe they won’t happen. Once again, is that the thing that best serves Creation, you know, is that intention that is being put out there from my ego? Is that intention that I am putting out there because of my attachment to this intellect? What has come to me about the intellect is that it is clear to me, maybe not to others, but that the intellect is the playground of the face of darkness, that dark one loves to play there.

JO: Wow. That is very potent. And so do you experience this as a kind of complete flow or are you always practicing letting go of your own willfulness?

ST: Yeah, I will share something about an experience at Harvard. As you are aware, I have taught there, I have done ceremonies there and after one particular ceremony that I did, one of the preeminent astrophysicists
in the world came to me and said “Sequoyah," he said, "it is clear to me now that I have taken what I am doing as far as I can go intellectually and now it is up to people like you to take this to the next place." So that flow of guidance and light is clear, and it is complete, and it is always there, it is never interrupted if you keep that intellect quiet.
It always serves you fully, absolutely. Intentionality doesn’t always serve you fully.

JO: So you have worked and have a major connection with the Kogui People and Arhuaco people and those people on the Mountains of Santa Marta in the Sierra Madras in Columbia? They have been sending messages to the world about ecological damage and so on, and they are saying to us that we need to change our behavior. So how do we change our behavior in the model around?

ST: Well, as you know as you have been there with me, and I am one of them and the way that they are talking about altering things is just exactly what we are talking about here-to get our intentions out of the way which are coming from this very limited intellect and to work on developing a quiet mind which is what meditation is all about, and then being open to receive whatever flows in your direction. And so, you know, when we find ourselves in that place where we are not employing the intellect anymore to guide us in our life, it is a natural move to balance and harmony within the ecology and within the environment. As I have said, the intellect is the playground of that prince of darkness and we develop all kinds of technologies in there and as these technologies grow old we discard them and we develop new technologies. They take us to a certain place and then those become obsolete and we create more and though the model's on the mountain -- and I would like to say that there are not only the Kogui, also the Arhuacos, the Wiwas and the Cancuamo. Those four tribes set on the heart of the world there, who constantly pray to help us move beyond being shackled by this physical intellect. So they are helping us do this but we have to practice quietness, we have to practice listening and you have sat in Divining sessions with them and when they do not have all of the information, they are not there throwing out questions, they are there sitting still and listening for the information coming in to guide us in what we are here to do on this Earth. And when more people are in that prayer, and are in that Spirit, and are in that Mind and in that Heart, 10% can help the entire Earth consciousness shift into a balanced position.

JO: So in one model of the intention conversation, some people are saying you know that you sit there and then you focus on what you want because the Universe wants to gift you, and then you relax and release. But in this model you are saying the Universe already knows already what is best so you can forget part one and simply relax, and rest and accept that whatever it is that you're being given is the best thing for you. That, I think that is what is hard for people because they are afraid that maybe the things that they want aren’t really the best things for them.

ST: Right. What we want is never the best thing for us and that is a guarantee and it's not that way and we find that out over time that our wants and our desires end up equaling pain in our life. And it is that very pain that makes us seek another avenue that will be gentler and kinder to us and it is that avenue of simply listening and being guided. Every single thing that we have been given to do on our path has been known eternally and we are not in as much control as we like to think that we are. We are the faces of the Divine and we are that Divine in motion right now. We are that Sacred Mystery in motion and that is the supreme place that we end up when we are able to set the intellect aside and listen to the ancestral voice give us that information to guide us through these places that the Creator already knows we're going to be in.

JO: We have a friend that we share in common, his name is Mickey Singer. And he says something quite close to you, that when you get what it is that you have been wanting, it becomes the next level of the problem
that you already had.

ST: Absolutely, Mickey has it right on. [laughs] That is exactly how it works, I have experienced it so many times in my life and I kept on trying to make it work. It never works. [laughs]

JO: So what is your advice to people in terms of how to practice what you practice?

ST: Well to get up each morning, give thanks for the beautiful day that the Creator has given us, give thanks for this breath of life flowing from that loving Divine Creator to each one of Creator’s children. And then to say each Morning “Creator whatever it is that you are guiding us to do this day, that is exactly what we are doing,” and if you do that over and over and over it will become real in your life. It is that simple and it's a matter of getting the mind quiet, so practices that you do early in the morning of meditating and releasing the thought process will help you move into that place. And practice each evening and begin to practice life as a meditation so that your mind is quiet wherever you walk and that Spirit can flow through. Wherever you go you can see the smiles on the faces of the people, you can see the children looking at you, you can see people wondering who is that person walking down through here, I feel a little something that I haven’t felt before.

JO: That's beautiful. I know that you have a very powerful prayer so that you were talking about this thanks and gratitude is so… Can you share with us that Path of Peace Prayer that you being each morning in the coffee ceremony and in the morning we begin with Ginnagoah?

ST: Right. Ginnagoah is that great peace that builds Creation. Setting in a meditation now and as a matter of fact right up the coast from where I am sitting right now up around the Prince George area in British Columbia, I was working in a community where there had been suicides and I was going in to work with a family, so every morning at 5 o’clock I am up meditating and doing the Pipe and burning the sage to clear the air, the atmosphere, and all of a sudden this voice came and said, "these are the only three words that you need to meditate upon and this is the Path of Peace." And in the Mohawk language they came to me and it was "Yammagoa," the great thanks that builds Creation which then will open up the doorway to that place of peace; "Sconagoa," that great peace that builds creation and then when you are in that great peace that builds creation then you are able to see that fullness of that Love of the Divine that builds Creation. So it is set up in the way of an equilateral triangle with the Circle around it. At the top is the Great Thanks and at the bottom left leg is the Great Peace and the bottom right leg is the Great Love and you just keep meditating on that and sending that out to all of our relatives. It just goes out naturally when we do it. As I said before, every thought, word and action affects everything in existence instantly, instantly, faster then the speed of Light.

JO: If somebody was preaching this that hadn’t endured the kind of life you have experienced, it might be more difficult for people to understand, but I want our listeners to understand that you know, that you were in prison, you were in war, you were tested severely and yet you are able to say all of those things that were given to you were right, they were gifts, they opened you. Is that correct?

ST: That is absolutely correct, they did all of those things that happened. The prison experience in particular, was the one where I was able to clear the drugs out of my life so, and it wasn’t anything that the prison did in particular. But it was in prison where I learned to set in quietness fully and I just learned to set in that quietness and receive. And one of the very first things that I was shown in there, setting in that quietness was, you know, you can have a rough time in here or you know there is a way of just enjoying it in here and it's by being in acceptance and this is exactly what you need in your life. So I learned that every moment that I am in, if I am in acceptance fully of that moment, I am going to be at peace and I learned that in prison.

You know, sharing with people who haven’t had exposure to this.... Well, today consciousness is at a place right now, where, within the DNA, the strands are starting to come back together and all the unresolved issues of existence are being put right in our face. We have got to take care of them or die basically, so we are at a place right now where the minds of people are open to anything that can get them out of this hurt and pain and confusion that they're feeling. This community that I am in right now is a community Newkoff people they’re called, Coast Salish. I have been coming here for 16 years and they are just getting to the place now and it is because of consciousness changing, not so much what I am doing, but consciousness changing, that they’re willing to look at anything. So if I say let’s set down and you know repeat these words together they immediately set down and we repeat those words together, and I am finding that this is true with any race of people. They’re wanting help. They are tired of things being the way they are. They haven’t learned to be this thing called acceptance and that if you accept the moment that you are in then any tiredness about it disappears it is only the judgment of that moment that is holding you in there.

JO: Yes indeed, so we are starting to come to the end of our time together, and I wondered if there were any final thoughts that you wanted to share with people to give them a sense of, as you say these are very dramatic times that we are living in and there is some sense that maybe there are major environmental and climate changes that are going to challenge communities all over the world and that our response could very well be fear and then judgments, and judgment is on the rise as one religion is judged against another and there’s retaliation.

ST: First of all I am not going to have any thoughts, brother. [laughs] But I am going to say something about an oral history that we have that all of the nations here are aware of. When I say nations I mean the original people of this land and that has to do with, even the Europeans coming here to this land. Most people see that as a tragedy but I see it as one of the greatest gifts that came to the people of thisland and to the people that came here. Because our oral history says this “That there will come a time when all nations of the world form together under the beautiful Tree of Life and that there will be much gnashing of teeth, there will be great confusion, there will be war, there will be killing, there will be thievery, there will be mistrust but all of those things are necessary for us to experience and to resolve so we will all come together under that Tree of Peace holding hands as one family. And there will be a beautiful healing herb formed there and the color of the healing herb will be black, white, red and yellow, and we will all live together in peace." And I believe that the oral history, I believe it fully and completely and I am watching it emerge right now from the dust of that Phoenix rising forth.

JO: Wow, that's a blessing.

ST: So. So it is all going to work out in the end and we got a loving, Divine Creator guiding this thing you know. We have never been punished, we have never been judged, we are the ones who have judged ourselves, we have put ourselves in hell, there is not a hell waiting for anybody. We are all going to end up in the same place when we leave here and everyone we have judged in our lives are going to be setting right down next to us in perfectly equality.

JO: And there's a thought that I have around this word intention but are you saying that this is a kind of faith, you said that you had a strong faith, but I sense that you experienced this, you see this, you know this and that it's a faith that is informed by that experience rather than faith, can you describe this?

ST: It is more then gaith, it is just a full awareness because of all of the experiences that I have had, you know and it is my responsibility as I walk this Path of Peace on Mother Earth to share these experiences with everyone because they are going to coincide with other people’s experiences and help them see that every single thing they experience had to be there and turns out to be a great and perfect Spiritual gift that is moving us right to that place I described, that place of peace and harmony and balance. That there is no other outcome possible.

JO: Well Brother Sequoyah, Thank You so much, Thank You for all of the Blessings that you send to us, your friendship to me personally and to the Institute of Noetic Sciences over the years and I hope to be seeing you soon.

ST: Yeah, me too, I am looking forward to walking with you again Brother, it has been fun, very enlightening. You are the light of my life.

JO: Likewise, Brother, OK. Anagawahee.

ST: Anagawahee. We are always together.

JO: Okay, bye.

ST: Yahoe.

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