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Great Shift Dialogues Audio Set

Great Shift Dialogue: Anodea Judith and Lion Goodman

Great Shift Dialogues

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Great Shift Dialogue: Anodea Judith and Lion Goodman

Visionary: Anodea Judith, PhD

Lion Goodman interviews Anodea Judith, PhD on the topics in her award-winning book, Waking The Global Heart: Humanity’s Rite of Passage from the Love of Power to the Power of Love. Humanity’s shift into the next era of civilization requires a new organizing principle, one that moves our center of consciousness from power to love. What does this mean for a complex civilization and how can we help bring it about? Anodea puts the culture on the couch and views our collective predicament as an adolescent in crisis, coming of age into maturity, facing all the challenges that initiation brings. How do we navigate this passage? Where is the map? And what can each of us do to become evolutionary activists?

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Great Shift Dialogues

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