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Great Shift Dialogue: Andrew Harvey and Shiva Rea (excerpt)

Great Shift Dialogues

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Great Shift Dialogue: Andrew Harvey and Shiva Rea (excerpt)

Visionaries: Andrew Harvey and Shiva Rea, MA

Mystic scholar Andrew Harvey and renowned yoga teacher Shiva Rea come together to illuminate a path towards sacred embodiment and activism while exploring the initiations that humanity must face: radical heartbreak, death, and rebirth. In this process, two great fires need to be married in the human heart: the passion for justice and the passion for Spirit. Because our body is a microcosm for the wounds, splits, and habits of our culture, freeing our bodies from mechanized habits can lead to the rediscovery of organic movement and an inner union of masculine and feminine energies, which then leads to a kind of transfiguration. This, in turn, supports our evolution toward a world in which spiritual practice is the foundation of our service.

Excerpted from a longer dialogue, to be available soon.

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Great Shift Dialogues

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