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"Science of Transformation" with Daniel Siegel

"Essentials of Noetic Sciences" Teleseminar Series

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"Science of Transformation" with Daniel Siegel

Visionary: Daniel Siegel, MD

How can we understand transformation in a scientific way? We could start by understanding the mind. Mind is the process that regulates the flow of energy and information. So how would you regulate the mind? By developing the ability to see mental activity with more clarity and then modify it with more effectiveness. Dr. Daniel Siegel calls this ability “Mindsight” and says there’s something about being able to see and influence your internal world that creates more health.

Dr. Siegel will discuss the concept of integration, which is defined as the linkage of differentiated components of a system. In an individual mind, integration involves the linkage of separate aspects of mental processes to each other, such as thought with feeling, and bodily sensation with logic. In a relationship, integration entails each person being respected for his or her autonomy and differentiated self while at the same time being linked to others in empathic communication. For the brain, integration means that separated areas with their unique functions, in the skull and throughout the body, become linked to each other through synaptic connections. These integrated linkages enable more intricate functions to emerge—such as insight, empathy, intuition, and morality. The terms we use for these three forms of integration are a coherent mind, empathic relationships, and an integrated brain.

He will describe how mindfulness techniques are one way to monitor and modify our internal states and create integration, thus facilitating transformation into better states of health.

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"Essentials of Noetic Sciences" Teleseminar Series

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