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"The Essential Shifts" Interview Series Audio Set

Essential Shifts Interview: Bruce Lipton (sample)

"The Essential Shifts" Interview Series

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Essential Shifts Interview: Bruce Lipton (sample)

Visionary: Bruce Lipton, PhD

Join one of the most adventurous biologists of our day for a look at how a revised vision of biology can help create a template for a new society. Dr. Lipton explores topics such as how our consciousness shapes our biology, the power of fractals, and how human civilization is passing through stages that mirror aquatic, reptilian, and mammalian development. He shows how the living, highly functional community of trillions of cells in our bodies can serve as an example of how to structure human civilizations. In Dr. Lipton’s view, there’s far more than random evolutionary processes going on – we are intelligent co-creators of our bodies, environments and world. He believes it is possible that we have a planetary equivalent of a spontaneous remission – a whole-system shift that restores health and alignment with the natural world. A pre-requisite is re-education about who we really are and ending the perception of ourselves as victims.

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"The Essential Shifts" Interview Series

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