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2007 IONS Teleseminars Audio Set

"Emerging Wisdom Culture" with Jim Garrison

2007 IONS Teleseminars

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"Emerging Wisdom Culture" with Jim Garrison

Visionary: Jim Garrison

Jim Garrison is the President of Wisdom University, the author of seminal books such as America as Empire, and the co-founder with Mikael Gorbachev of the State of the World Forum. His perspective thus includes spiritual, sociological, and political dimensions of who we are and where we are headed.

In this teleseminar discussion with host Stephen Dinan, Garrison ranges from the Socratic method in Greece to the emerging wisdom culture today, looking at the epochal changes in the value landscape that parallel the shifts of the Renaissance. He addresses the blending of spirituality and activism, the integration of women's values in current power structures, and the implications of American empire. Ultimately it is a clear-eyed but hopeful look at what it will take to shift beyond old paradigms and for the wisdom culture to become the leadership culture of tomorrow.

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2007 IONS Teleseminars

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