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2007 IONS Teleseminars Audio Set

"Yoga, Sound, and Consciousness" with Suzanne Sterling

2007 IONS Teleseminars

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"Yoga, Sound, and Consciousness" with Suzanne Sterling

Visionary: Suzanne Sterling

Ecstatic vocalist Suzanne Sterling explores the transformational power and esoteric dimensions of sound, voice, and consciousness in this dialogue with host Stephen Dinan. The voice, Suzanne believes, is a microcosm for the psyche, and connects us with deeper, vibratory levels of our being, which makes it a perfect vehicle to expand our freedom. She advocates "making the ugliest sounds you can" to dissolve years of conditioning, shows how to use the voice to open different chakras, and discusses the history of kirtan, yoga, and mantra, as well as how they connect with Western traditions, ritual, and even the frontiers of science. Finally, Suzanne discusses how spiritual practice naturally leads into balanced, compassionate action for the sake of the world, which she and her collaborators are focused on with a new program called "Off the Mat, Into the World."

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2007 IONS Teleseminars

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