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2006 IONS Teleseminars Audio Set

"Heart of Healing" with Bridget Duffy

2006 IONS Teleseminars

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"Heart of Healing" with Bridget Duffy

Subtle Fields and Mainstream Cardiology

Visionary: Bridget Duffy, MD

Join Bridget Duffy in dialogue with IONS President Marilyn Schlitz in a teleseminar on "The Heart of Healing: Subtle Fields and Mainstream Cardiology."

M. Bridget Duffy, MD, is a consultant to healthcare organizations throughout the country, promoting the development and implementation of patient-centered chronic disease initiatives, physician education, and leadership programs that sought to foster the convergence of information, technology and a humanistic delivery of that care. In this capacity she identified and funded nationally recognized health care institutions and physician leaders who were committed to change the face of chronic disease management.

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2006 IONS Teleseminars

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