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Facing the Lion, Being the Lion

Facing the Lion, Being the Lion

Finding Inner Courage Where It Lives

by Mark Nepo

A work from the heart that calls us to look within and grow.

Facing the Lion, Being the Lion is work from the heart that helps us find our own courage and experience how connection to our own core connects us to all of humankind, as well as to nature and spirit itself. Nepo invites us to encounter the stories of ordinary people, political activists, artists, and spiritual teachers from all traditions--people who are summoning the best of who they are in all kinds of moments, great and small. This book empowers us to take those moments into our own hearts, to be inspired by them, to let them fill our lungs and circle our hearts, empowered to stand more firmly by our own core and a little taller in the world.

Publication Date:
October 1, 2007
Conari Press
304 pages
ISBN 10:
ISBN 13:
courage, empowerment
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