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Shift Issue 18 - The 2008 Shift Report

Shift Issue 18 - The 2008 Shift Report

Changing the Story of Our Future

Over the past several decades, new scientific discoveries along with a surge in grassroots initiatives addressing social and economic injustices have begun calling into question the view of the universe—and essentially of ourselves—as ultimately cold and mechanistic. Revealing both the mysterious directionality of the evolving cosmos and the irrepressible humanity within our own natures, new evidence is emerging that we are innately capable of far more than we realize. Yes, the evidence is compelling that the arc of the human species is on a self-destructive decline. And yet once the pieces are put together, there is no denying that another reality is fighting through the cracks of the dominant narrative. We are just beginning to tap into our potential as human beings despite, or perhaps because of, the multiple crises that we are facing. Read more in this fascinating report!

Table of Contents


Letter from the President

Introduction (Download a PDF of the Introduction)

Section I
Evolution and Human Nature

A Broadening Understanding of Evolution
Science Rediscovers Our Humanity
The Other Side of Human Nature
The Challenge of Our Time

Section II
Toward a New Scientific Synthesis

The Science of Anomalies
West Meets West
An Age of Re-enlightenment?

Section III
The Rise of Global Civil Society

Social Change: Institutional and Grassroots Movements
Economics and Prosperity: Beyond GDP
Media and Information: Democratizing Knowledge and Catalyzing Rapid Change

Section IV
Internalizing Paradigm Shift

The Meditating Heart of the Mind
The Compassionate Mind of the Heart
Participatory Evolution




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