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  • Evidence Adds Up to a Healthcare Revolution

    by Vesela Simic

    As integrative medicine finds a place on the national health care stage, science has acquired tools to better measure the effectiveness of transformative practices. A close look at three such studies suggests a bright future for alternative and complementary therapies.

  • The Power of Premonition

    by Larry Dossey, MD

    "Many critics dismiss premonitions as New Age mumbo jumbo," writes Dossey, "yet elegant studies by respected consciousness researchers compellingly suggest that we really can peer into the future." And that's important, he believes, because our survival may depend on cultivating that ability.

  • Mythic Visions for Uncertain Times

    by Michael Meade

    When the world starts to feel unstable, people tend to cling to the known and absolute. Renowned mythologist-storyteller Michael Meade reminds us that the threads of any new story will be woven not by fear but by imagination and the ancient wisdom that connects "the solid ground of the earth ...

  • Evolving Consciousness

    by Kaisa Puhakka, PhD

    Beyond positions, beyond beliefs, lies a place where the mind can truly open to the possibilities of any given moment. Is such receptivity possible in a world beset by polarity and conflict? It is, says this Zen psychologist, and this potential is available to anyone.

  • In Search of Happiness

    by Vesela Simic

    There has been an unprecedented explosion of interest in the pursuit of happiness. What are scientists learning? Is the quest for happiness appropriate and useful in a time of global instability? What’s missing from the discussion, and where is this quest taking us? Its pursuit is more—and less ...

  • Twin Telepathy and the Illusion of Separation

    by Diane Hennacy Powell, MD

    Despite substantial evidence validating psychic phenomena, the scientific community remains largely resistant. Enter the revolutionary phenomenon of telepathic communication between twins. Numerous cases have been accumulating since the late 1800s. If they can't be explained through synchronicity or genetics, what other explanation could there be?

  • The Adaptive Organization

    by Carol Mase, MA, DVM, Msc

    The strains that most of us are feeling these days are also reflected within our institutions. In attempting to adapt, most still rely on traditional models of change that no longer work in a world where the old rules don't apply. Mase makes the case for a new model ...

  • A Quiet Revolution

    An Interview with Adyashanti

    Spiritual teacher Adyashanti, who began his public teachings in 1996, shares his wisdom on the nature of awakening consciousness. "The most powerful impediments to awakening are our beliefs about it," he says. His recommended tools are self-honesty, meditation, and inquiry into primordial silence.

  • The Everyday Miracle of Healing

    A Profile of Mother Maya

    by Catherine Elliott Escobedo

    Sri Swamini Mayatitananda survived cancer (and the fashion industry) to become an expert in Ayurveda. At the heart of her health model is the recognition that "each of us has an immutable spirit that can transcend every challenge." The path to connecting with that spirit lies in cultivating our inner ...

  • Exploring Consciousness With David Hawkins

    by Pamela Becker

    Psychiatrist David Hawkins, author of Power vs. Force, uses behavioral kinesiology to test the "objective truth" of any statement and ultimately to map human consciousness. He has attracted a large audience of people intrigued by his work while sparking debate among scientists who challenge both the technique and his application ...


Articles: 127

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