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  • Steve Villano with Marilyn Schlitz

    IONS 40th Anniversary Conversations

    IONS new CEO/President, Steve Villano, talks with Marilyn Schlitz, PhD, in her new role as Ambassador for Creative Projects and Global Affairs, and Senior Scientist. This engaging dialog explores IONS' current projects spearheaded by Dr. Schlitz, IONS' role in the global community, and questions from the listening audience.

  • "Getting the Love You Want" with Harville Hendrix

    When we meet the person of our dreams, a magical transformation takes place within us. Then, before we know it, that magical connection disappears. Where did it go? Can we get it back? If so, how?

    Over three decades of research and clinical practice have led Dr. Hendrix, bestselling author ...

  • "Eating with Reverence" with Shannon Kring Buset (extended Q&A)

    Food for the Soul

    What does the way in which we in the US raise, purchase, prepare, and eat our foods say about us?

  • "Imagineering the Future" with Dana Lynne Andersen

    Activating our imaginative, intuitive and visionary intelligence to access and transform our future

    Logic, rationality and linear causation express a ‘particle’ perspective.  These left brain modes of knowing reveal a material reality that occurs in discreet packages of information wherein sequence is paramount to meaning; A causes B.  Synchronistic causation expresses a ‘wave’ perspective, revealing how reality occurs in fluid pulses. In the ...

  • "Eating with Reverence" with Shannon Kring Buset

    Food for the Soul

    For centuries, the Balinese have offered up daily prayers for the entire life cycle of food, from the planting of the seed to the harvest, and from the preparation of the ingredients to the finished dish. The Maya have created each celebratory meal with the “holy trinity” of Mayan cuisine ...

  • "The Labyrinth" with Lauren Artress

    An Ancient Tool for Chaotic Times

    We live much of our lives in a left-brain oriented world that values knowledge as power. But there’s another way to experience the world—from the reflective, emotionally embodied, intuitive, synchronistic, nonlinear, and integrative right brain.

    In this teleseminar we explore the ancient practice of walking the labyrinth with ...

  • "The Gift of Gratitude" with Angeles Arrien

    Angeles Arrien invites us to cultivate the power of deep appreciation so that it becomes our foundation for daily living. Integrating the latest findings from social science with stories, prayers, teachings, and perennial wisdom practices from cultures and traditions spanning the globe, Angeles talks with us about engaging in the ...

  • "The Wisdom of Chi Healing" with Master Mingtong Gu

    Master Mingtong Gu teaches the Wisdom Healing Qigong used by a Qigong hospital in China, that treated more than 200,000 patients with all types of illnesses from cancer and diabetes to heart disease, neurological disease, autoimmune disease, strokes, heart disease, depression, insomnia, backaches, and headaches. The hospital reported a ...

  • "Horses, Somatics, and Spirit" with Beverley Kane

    Equine Assisted Learning

    What can horses teach us about our own physicality and spirituality? What does it mean to be “healthy as a horse”? As evidenced in the growing field of equine-assisted learning and psychotherapy, horses are consummate teachers of mindfulness, somatics and somato-spiritual consciousness. They differ from dogs and cats and other ...

  • "Huichol Shamanism" with Brant Secunda

    The Huichols believe healing is a way of life that permeates every aspect of our existence, not just a response to illness. By living in balance with Nature, and incorporating the healing power of love, joy and laughter, the Huichols live a simple but profound life.

    They use ceremony, sacred ...

Teleseminars: 188

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