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Whole Person Healthcare (3 volumes)

Whole Person Healthcare (3 volumes)

by Ilene Serlin

  • Reviewed by The Editors on June 1, 2008

    This comprehensive three-volume set presents the latest practical wisdom on the integration of Western and non-Western healing practices. Each volume focuses on a specific dimension of mind-body approaches as they relate to the transformation of psychology and healthcare in both institutional and nontraditional settings. Humanizing Healthcare (Volume 1) lays the groundwork for a revolution in twenty-first century medicine. Psychology, Spirituality & Health (Volume 2) explores the meaning of illness and the crucial role of a body-mind-spirit perspective. The Arts & Health (Volume 3) champions the value of art therapy and subjective experience for professional and lay education, qualitative and quantitative research, and clinical practice. Exhaustively researched and intelligently written, Whole Person Healthcare is an indispensable reference for anyone who’s ready to help transform the healthcare system from the ground up.

    Review published in Shift magazine

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