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"The Power of Transformational Presence" with Alan Seale

"The Power of Transformational Presence" with Alan Seale

Visionary: Alan Seale, PCC, MSC

 We are living in challenging yet extraordinary times.  Many things must be transformed if we are going to create a world that works.  Accelerating transformation and making a sustainable difference through our actions begins with shifting how we think and how we “show up” to life each day.  As transformational workers, we must each develop a dynamic, authentic, and impactful personal presence that is in itself transformational. This means developing a keen awareness of our intuitive intelligence and the interconnection of all things, understanding life and leadership as energy in motion, listening to the great potential of our future and letting it show us the way to action.

Leadership coach Alan Seale has a gift for taking big ideas and giving them practical, accessible language and application in every day life and leadership. Transformational Presence is the core concept in his book Create a World That Works: Tools for Personal and Global Transformation (May 2011). Join Alan and Angela Murphy as they explore transformational presence, what it means, why it matters, and how you can develop it within yourself.

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