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"Spirituality and Medicine" with Sylver Quevedo

"Spirituality and Medicine" with Sylver Quevedo

Visionary: Sylver Quevedo, MD, MPH

In this dialogue, integrative physician Sylver Quevedo draws upon his scientific expertise and his deep appreciation of indigenous and alternative pathways to healing to paint a picture of a more balanced kind of medicine that treats the whole person. He and Marilyn Schlitz explore the power of a partnership paradigm between physician and patient, the nature of care management, and topics such as cultural competency. He shares his explorations of cultural paradigms outside of Western medicine, including the practice of devotion and service in the Bhagavad Gita. More than anything, the quality of his compassionate presence shines through the brilliance of his insights, illuminating the path forward to a new kind of medicine.

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