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"The Economy through a Consciousness Lens" with Rinaldo Brutoco

"The Economy through a Consciousness Lens" with Rinaldo Brutoco

Visionary: Rinaldo Brutoco

Rinaldo Brutoco, Founder & President of the World Business Academy talks with IONS Editorial Director Matthew Gilbert about our economy at this challenging time. Rinaldo offers great practical information to help us understand the implications of collective consciousness on our macro and micro economic well-being. He starts with the macro perspective as he defines the paradigm we are leaving or have left as: “what you see is what you believe” (which is consistent with scientific reductionism), to the paradigm we’ve entered, which is the exact opposite: “what you believe is what you see” which implies, consciousness is causal. From this perspective he examines our current economic situation and asks, “What do we believe; what is the hole in the human heart that has created this situation?”

Rinaldo and Matthew delve into micro situations on the planet at this time, including the number of children dying every day from lack of potable water and Rinaoldo’s opinion that Al Gore’s movie sugar coated the real global warming issues. We have the ability, finances and technology to fix these atrocities right now. In this teleseminar you’ll hear some suggestions of what you can do.

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