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"Healing Healthcare, One Practitioner at a Time" with Lee Lipsenthal

"Healing Healthcare, One Practitioner at a Time" with Lee Lipsenthal

Visionary: Lee Lipsenthal, MD

What’s the future of medicine? Find out with Lee Lipsenthal, President of the American Board of Holistic Medicine, and President of IONS Marilyn Schlitz. Dr. Lipsenthal offers a profoundly optimistic vision of the breakdowns now occurring, which are clearing space for a practice of medicine that is better for the patient, healthier for the practitioner, and even more economical. He shares how integral practitioners are now referring patients to a broad range of alternative modalities, often informed by the patient’s own intuitive knowing. Top medical students are starting to treat Chinese medicine and other systems with respect. And spirituality and religiosity is coming to the foreground. Those leading the way in integrating these changes are creating healthier, more successful outcomes.

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