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"Beyond Reasonable Leadership" with John Renesch

"Beyond Reasonable Leadership" with John Renesch

Visionary: John Renesch

Join IONS Editorial Director Matthew Gilbert and his guest, businessman-turned-futurist John Renesch for an insightful dialog on business leadership and transformation. John speaks to the prevailing feeling in all sectors that money is not being spent responsibly, and to our need for leaders who know how to invent new mental models. Individual aspirations, leadership development, and "big change" programs too often fall prey to fundamentalism, and "big change" programs fail to result in transformation that is actually meaningful. John recognizes that the challenges that we face in business are grounded in some of the deepest challenges of our human nature, what Eckhart Tolle calls 'a crisis of ego and mind.' He advocates harnessing our personal epiphanies for application in our business lives, and finding the courage to open dialog with colleagues who we sense could be of like mind.

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