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"Kiva Microlending" with Jessica Flannery

"Kiva Microlending" with Jessica Flannery

Visionary: Jessica Flannery

Have you ever wondered how you can personally make a difference and help people in developing countries?

In this teleseminar, Jessica Flannery and host Matthew Gilbert talk about a practical and personal way you can help through

Jessica describes the inspiration for starting this micro-lending organization and tells some wonderful stories of the difference made in people's lives. Their non-profit organization uses a website to match lenders with entrepreneurs in South America, Africa and the Middle East who are requesting small investments for specific projects. The website creates a real sense of partnership with the entrepreneuers. The popularity of Kiva has led it to grow from $2M in loans to $16M in one year, sometimes resulting in maximum individual loans of $25 from each lender to allow more people to participate! Each investment can change the lives of the borrowers and possibly improve the lives of families and villages around them, as well as be loaned back out to new entrepreneurs upon successful

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