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"Exploring the Contemporary Global Crisis" with Jean Houston (sample)

"Exploring the Contemporary Global Crisis" with Jean Houston (sample)

Visionary: Jean Houston, PhD

Celebrated psychologist, author, and speaker Jean Houston joins former IONS President James O'Dea to offer an uplifting and poetic perspective on the tribulations of the contemporary world situation. Jean opens with the notion of seeing every one of us as mythically storied, seeing that the personal particulars of our own lives are very resonant with the universals of mythic, archetypal world. The resulting empowerment of our "primary world" of culture, passion, and dream makes us particularly ripe for deep transformation. James weaves in the element of wounding, noting that our time is one of wounding at a collective level, and emphasizing that it is this process that expands our point of view and brings us into greater connection with the whole. Together, they bring together the external reality and inner journey in a satisfying and inspiring talk.

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