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"An Economic Vision" with Hazel Henderson

"An Economic Vision" with Hazel Henderson

Visionary: Hazel Henderson

In this first teleseminar of 2009, renowned futurist, evolutionary economist and author, Hazel Henderson talks with host and IONS Editorial Director Matthew Gilbert about the current state of the economy.

Hazel share’s her in-depth knowledge and offers studied, positive alternatives for the future including digital currencies, green economy and local community banking.

As we expand our consciousness, Hazel tells us, we have to have a different set of earth ethics. We need to give to new energies a level playing field and stop subsidizing unsustainable practices. Hazel graciously stayed on the call for the entire community discussion time (the second download) and engaged in a wonderful interaction with our members. As always, Hazel marries remarkable economic wisdom with great heart in this engaging program.

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