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"Science and the Reënchantment of the Cosmos" with Ervin Laszlo (sample)

"Science and the Reënchantment of the Cosmos" with Ervin Laszlo (sample)

Visionary: Ervin Laszlo, PhD

Voices of Vision: IONS Interviews Global Thought Leaders, Volume One, Disc Four

Ervin Laszlo is generally recognized as the founder of systems philosophy and general evolution theory, serving as founder-director of the General Evolution Research Group and as past president of the International Society for the Systems Sciences. He serves as editor of the monthly World Futures: The Journal of General Evolution and of its associated General Evolution Studies book series. Dr Laszlo is the author or editor of sixty-nine books translated into as many as nineteen languages, has over four hundred articles and research papers and six volumes of piano recordings to his credit, and has received four honorary doctorates.

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