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"Entangled Minds" with Dean Radin (2009)

"Entangled Minds" with Dean Radin (2009)

Visionary: Dean Radin, PhD

Dr. Dean Radin has explored the further reaches of consciousness perhaps more than any scientist alive. As the Senior Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Dean has investigated subjects such as telepathy, distant healing, precognition, survival of bodily death, collective consciousness, and even UFOs. He is known for his light-hearted curiosity about subjects others see as taboo as well as for the discerning rigor of his scientific studies. He has held research appointments at Princeton University, Edinburgh University, University of Nevada, and several Silicon Valley industrial research labs, as well as being featured on popular shows such as Oprah. In this program, you'll learn about the latest research on exceptional human capacities and how the concept of entangled minds can help provide an explanation for many seemingly bizarre phenomena.

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