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"Navigating Uncertain Times" with Catherine Austin Fitts

"Navigating Uncertain Times" with Catherine Austin Fitts

Visionary: Catherine Austin Fitts

Solari President Catherine Austin Fitts, has seen the distortions, corruption, and challenges built into our economic system as a high-level insider on Wall Street and in the first Bush administration. From these days, she has developed a sophisticated understanding of how money actually flows in our world. In the first of the three-part series, she looks at the effect of illegal monies in the system, insider “pump and dump” bubbles such has recently been underway, and how our own banking contributes to unethical behavior. She also explores a transformative pathway forward: re-localization, financial intimacy, decentralization, disintermediation, simplifying, and investing in things that bring us immediate value, as well as how to navigate scenarios such as the “slow burn.” You’ll get a rare glimpse “behind the curtain” of the economy as a whole as well as concrete steps you can take to move us toward a future that is increasingly sustainable, conscious, and whole.

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