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"Race, Cosmology, and Consciousness" with Brian Swimme

"Race, Cosmology, and Consciousness" with Brian Swimme

Visionary: Brian Swimme

Join mathematical cosmologist Dr. Brian Swimme and host Belvie Rooks in a heartfelt discussion of evolution and its potential to produce deep shifts in consciousness, as well as in our understandings of race and identity. Their discussion ranges from the role of catastrophe in evolution to the shift beyond objective science to a more participatory viewpoint. Belvie and Brian reflect on subjects such as the centrality of dark matter in the universe, whereas humans have often denigrated the quality of "dark" despite our shared African origins. They relate questions of race, cosmology, and consciousness to larger philosophical and practical challenges, including Belvie's liberating work with inner city Los Angles youth using cosmological concepts. Together, they hold the polarity between the vastness and wonder of the story of the universe and the suffering of an urban teen willing to die over one block of "turf."

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