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"Waking the Global Heart" with Anodea Judith

"Waking the Global Heart" with Anodea Judith

Visionary: Anodea Judith, PhD

Join host Stephen Dinan and author Anodea Judith for a lively discussion of her book Waking the Global Heart. At this time of transformation, Anodea explores the historical stages of human development and how they correlate to the chakras. She sees the need to “stop the slaughter at the root of the source instead of continuing to dress the wounds." After 20 years in the psychologist’s chair, she believes western culture is now in its adolescence. It’s time to move from stock holders to stake holders from war to nonviolence from unlimited growth to sustainability. Anodea describes the Static Feminine; Static Masculine; Dynamic Masculine and the newly emerging Dynamic Feminine. She identifies the need to open the heart chakra at this point in our developmental history and experience a rite of passage from adolescent behavior to an integrated society.

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