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"Yoga and Sacred Activism" with Shiva Rea (excerpt)

"Yoga and Sacred Activism" with Shiva Rea (excerpt)

Visionary: Shiva Rea, MA

Shiva begins with a meditation from the ancient Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, which explores the vibratory nature of consciousness. She and host Stephen Dinan then explore how consciousness becomes "calcified" in the body, a state that can be shifted through dance, movement, yoga, and other spontaneous motions. Their dialogue evolves into discussions of the fusion of different traditions, the extension of yoga into global consciousness, and the power of practices dedicated to collective healing such as those Shiva has initiated through the Global Mala Project. With poetry and depth she describes an alchemical synthesis of East and West that can reach to the depths of our cells.

Excerpted from a longer interview, to be available soon.

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cell, dance, movement, vibration, yoga
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